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Update in the Daimler emissions scandal – Hundreds of thousands of vans will now be asked for a software update

The fact that the Sprinter, Vito and Vi­ano mod­els are also af­fected by the emis­sions scan­dal has been known since 2019. Now Daimler AG has ap­par­ently suc­ceeded in de­vel­op­ing the soft­ware up­dates re­quired by the KBA and hav­ing them ap­proved by the KBA. As it be­came known, hun­dreds of thou­sands of Daimler drivers can now ex­pect a let­ter from Daimler AG ask­ing them to sub­ject their vehicles to the up­date. Daimler is run­ning the meas­ure un­der the re­call code NC3II6515R or NC2II651R.

The vans are equipped with an im­per­miss­ible de­feat device in the form of the coolant set­point tem­per­at­ure con­trol. This is now ap­par­ently to be re­moved as part of the soft­ware up­date. The coolant set­point tem­per­at­ure con­trol is soft­ware that en­sures that the rate of ex­haust gas re­cir­cu­la­tion (EGR) is re­duced out­side the test con­di­tions (NEDC test cycle) by ini­tially keep­ing the en­gine coolant tem­per­at­ure and thus the en­gine oil tem­per­at­ure low via the elec­tric­ally switched coolant ther­mo­static valve. Thus, an EGR map with lower rates is used in real road op­er­a­tion than un­der test con­di­tions. Lower­ing the EGR rate leads to in­creased ni­tro­gen ox­ide emissions.

Ac­cord­ing to our cur­rent in­form­a­tion, the vehicles af­fected by the re­call are from the Sprinter, Vito and Vi­ano series with the Euro 5 emis­sions stand­ard. These have the OM 651 series en­gine already known from the emis­sions scan­dal and were pro­duced between 2010 and 2018 (Sprinter) or between 2010 and 2014 (Vito, Viano).

Are you the owner of such a Daimler AG van and feel cheated? Re­gard­less of whether you have already re­ceived a re­call let­ter or not, we will be happy to ad­vise you.

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