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Participation in non-​existent shipping containers: P&R as the largest pyramid scheme in German history

Schirp, Dr. Wolfgang: “Par­ti­cip­a­tion in non-​existent ship­ping con­tain­ers: P&R as the largest pyr­amid scheme in Ger­man his­tory.” In: KRIM­IN­AL­ISTIK – In­de­pend­ent journal for crim­inal sci­ence and prac­tice 1/2020, pp. 61-63.

From the con­tents: “P & amp; R based in Mu­nich – Grün­wald sold sea freight con­tain­ers to private in­vestors in Ger­many; P & amp; R was the largest dis­trib­utor of cap­ital in­vest­ments of this kind for 43 years, from its found­a­tion in 1975 to its col­lapse in spring In 2018, the sys­tem ap­par­ently worked without any prob­lems. How­ever, when the Ger­man P&R com­pan­ies had to file for in­solv­ency in spring 2018, the largest pyr­amid scheme in Ger­man his­tory was revealed […] “

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