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Dieselgate: Fiat Chrysler pleads guilty

The com­pany has now been fined $300 million.

In a fed­eral court in De­troit, USA, car­maker Fiat Chrysler has pleaded guilty to emis­sion tax fraud. The car­maker, which now be­longs to the Stel­lantis Group, had already pleaded guilty in June of this year. Now the set­tle­ment reached is in­ten­ded to re­solve the crim­inal pro­ceed­ings. In ad­di­tion, the court im­posed a three-​year pro­ba­tion­ary period on the group.
Spe­cific­ally, the case in the U.S. in­volved the fol­low­ing mod­els man­u­fac­tured between 2014 and 2016:

– Jeep Grand Cherokee
– And Ram 1500.

The ad­mis­sion by Fiat Chrysler could also fur­ther in­crease the chances of suc­cess in Ger­many with claims for dam­ages in con­nec­tion with the emis­sions scan­dal. Af­fected are thereby above all Fiat camper vans, which were equipped with a Ducato engine.
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