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Participation in non-​existent shipping containers: P&R as the largest pyramid scheme in German history

Schirp, Dr. Wolfgang: “Par­ti­cip­a­tion in non-​existent ship­ping con­tain­ers: P&R as the largest pyr­amid scheme in Ger­man his­tory.” In: KRIM­IN­AL­ISTIK – In­de­pend­ent journal for crim­inal sci­ence and prac­tice 1/2020, pp. 61-63. From the con­tents: “P & amp; R based in Mu­nich – Grün­wald sold sea freight con­tain­ers to private in­vestors in Ger­many; P & amp; R was the largest distributor […]

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On the causality of attestations on annual financial statements for the decision of investors – using the example of Wirecard

ZIP, 2021, 2470-2480 | Ver­lag­shaus Dr. Otto Schmidt, Köln | Kai-​Oliver Knops (Au­thor): In clas­sic pro­spectus li­ab­il­ity and ad­vis­ory li­ab­il­ity cases, the case law has de­veloped tools that can be used to de­term­ine whether and to what ex­tent the mis­in­form­a­tion for the de­cision to pur­chase or hold the se­cur­ity has be­come causal. In or­der not […]

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WIRECARD i Ernst & Young: Największy skandal na niemieckim rynku kapitałowym (polnisch)

IUR­IS­Link | lipiec 2021 | Dr. Wolfgang Schirp: Afera WIR­E­CARD jest na­jwięk­szym skandalem, jaki kiedykol- wiek dotknął niemiecki rynek kapit­ałowy. WIR­E­CARD AG był no­tow­any na giełdzie od 2002 roku. Wzrost firmy wydawał się nie do zatrzy­mania. W roku 2018 firma WIR­E­CARD AG została włą- czona do wiodącego in­deksu Niemiec – DAX. WIR­E­CARD AG za­stąpił tam czcigodny […]

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Investor Model Procedure Act (KapMuG) – Comment

Kapitalanleger-​Musterverfahrensgesetz (KapMuG) – Kom­mentar”. Hrsg. von Prof. Dr. Volkert Vor­werk und Prof. Dr. Chris­tian Wolf; bearbeitet von den Heraus­ge­bern und Dr. Josef Ful­len­kamp, Guido Kotschy, Dr. Sonja Lange, Dr. Man­fred Parig­ger, Antje Radtke-​Rieger, Ernst Riedel, Thomas Stender und Jo­hannes Wig­and. C.H. Beck: München 2020 (2. Aufl.) ISBN: 978-3-406-67995-7

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Achtung Anleihe! – Anleihen in der Krise

The cur­rent bro­chure on bonds, pub­lished by Schirp & Part­ner Recht­san­wälte mbB. Among oth­ers, au­thors are Dr. Wolfgang Schirp, Dr. Susanne Schmidt-​Morsbach, and Antje Radtke-Rieger.

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§ 68 Private Equity Fonds

Schirp, Dr. Wolfgang: “§ 68 Private Equity Funds”. In: Ger­man and European bank­ing and cap­ital mar­ket law. Pub­lished by Peter Derleder, Kai-​Oliver Knops, and Heinz Georg Bam­ber­ger. Springer: Ber­lin and Heidel­berg 2017 (third edi­tion) ISBN 978-3-642-45050-1. Pp. 1069-1082

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